About festival

Lodz 4 Cultures Festival is an annual event, artistic and social, referring to the founding history of Lodz: city built by hands of Germans, Jews, Russians and Poles. It became the fastest growing metropolis in Europe in the late XIX century. The source of success were people. They were always willing to assimilate successive waves of immigrants and had ability to solve problems despite all differences national and religious. It is no coincidence; the city of Lodz was called European New York.

Lodz 4 Cultures Festival is a continuation of the festival created by Witold Knychalski in 2002. The context of designated intentions of the creator was a tragic finale of the multicultural society – extermination of the Jews, Germans escape. All those events, led to the invasion of Poland in 1939, ruled by Nazi Germany. The main idea is to promote an attitude based on openness to other people and their cultures.

The festival would also be a way of revitalizing neglected historical center of the city, through art. Most of the festival events, take place in the public space: on stages located on Lodz backyards, streets and squares, in parks and palaces gardens, creating a special atmosphere of these places and reveals its forgotten beauty.
Above all, the festival is a celebration of the city, presenting outstanding artistic events from different fields of artistry – music, theatre, film and fine arts. It is all directed to a large and diverse local and nationwide audience.

Admission to the festival
All events Lodz 4 Cultures Festival are free. Please e-mail sign up on individual events – each message must contain information about the name and the date of the event. Messages should be sent to rezerwacje@4kultury.pl
Lodz of Four Cultures Festival 10-19.05th 2013. Admission Free.

Museum of the City of Lodz

Małgorzata Laurentowicz Granas

Art Director
Zbigniew Brzoza

Deputy Art Director
for the production of the festival

Jacek Wisniewski

Artistic Coordinator
Michał Koroza

Visual arts
Marcin Kostaciński

Dorota Krauze